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The River Wolf and Napoleon's Wolf are available on the Amazon Kindle. 

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  • Added figgy pudding to the home page for the holidays.
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  • Added the 'Cazadores de Armada' and the 'Devil's Own' to the Sailor's of the High Shore.  Click here to have a look.
  • The ships themselves are vital and important characters in Napoleon’s South America.  Technical specifications for a few of them have been added to the Compendium with more to be added laterClick here to have a look.



The Widow of Concepción

My next project is to be an anthology.  For the two years or so of The Hen Frigate’s conception and construction, I have been going back and forth between The Hen Frigate and The Widow of Concepción as The Hen Frigate’s title.  I think I will publish it under both. 

After I have finished The Hen Frigate, I will publish it, A Duel Arranged, and one or more yet to be written short story under the title The Widow of Concepción.  All of these stories are set in and around Concepción, Chile, Napoleon’s Winter Capital.

The Hen Frigate

The Hen Frigate is the working title of a novella that was inspired by a trip to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut and Joan Druett's fascinating book The Hen Frigates

The Hen Frigate is more of a traditional mystery / thriller than Napoleon's Wolf or The River Wolf.  Like those, it is set in my fictional United Republics of South America.  It takes place in December, 1841, a few years prior to the events of The River Wolf and twenty years after Napoleon's Wolf.  Unlike those works, instead of traveling the length and breadth of South America, Captain Eligus Bronsan (don Iligus de Concepción) is at home in Napoleon's Winter Capital.

There is murder, mayhem, and intrigue centering around a visiting merchantman, a 'hen frigate' in that the Captain's wife lives aboard ship.  I have based this story upon the true life events of Margaret Fraser and the miseries she endured while sailing with her husband, Captain George Fraser aboard the legendary Sea Witch in April 1852.


The River Wolf and Napoleon's Wolf are now available for purchase through Amazon.com.


I have a new e-mail address.  I am still using AOL (for now), so my old address (SLang1365@aol.com) is still up and running.

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