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The Ferguson Rifle

  • Books (in no particular order)
    • Complete Book of Firearms; Sergio Masini, Glan Rodolfo Rotasso; 1987
    • American Naval history; Jack Sweetman; 1984
    • The Victorian and Edwardian Navy - from old photographs; Fabb & McGowan
    • Napoleon’s Art of War; With Notes by General Burnod; Translated from the French by Lieutenant-General Sir G.C. D’Aguilar, C.B.
    • Nelson's Navy - the ships, men, and organisation, 1793 - 1815 by Brian Lavery
    • Cochrane, Britannia's Last Sea King by Donald Thomas
    • Extraordinary Seaman by J.P.W. Mallalieu
    • Brassey's Book of Uniforms by Tim Newark
    • Indians of South America by Paul Radin, 1942
    • Latin America: A Concise Interpretive History by E. Bradford Burns
    • Steam and Sail: In Britain and North America; Rear Admiral P.W. Brock and Basil Greenhill
    • War in the Falklands: The Full Story; The Sunday Times of London Insight Team, 1982
    • Napoleon Bonaparte: Citizen and Soldier: His Words on War and Peace and His Aphorisms; complied and edited by Hiram E. Casey
    • Shark of the Confederacy: The Story of the CSS Alabama by Charles M. Robinson III
    • Napoleon's Sea Soldiers by  Rene Chartrand and Francis Back, Osprey Publishing's Men-At-Arms Series #227
    • French Cavalry, 1792 - 1815 by David Johnson
    • Paddle Warships: The Earliest Steam Powered Fighting Ships, 1815 - 1850 by D.K. Brown, RCNC
    • The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin by Terry Hooker & Ron Poulter, Osprey Publishing's Men-at-Arms series #232
    • The Black Room at Longwood  by Jean-Paul Kaufmann
    • Who was Who in the Napoleonic Wars by Philip J. Haythornwaite
    •  Robinson Crusoe’s Island: A History of the Juan Fernandez Islands by Ralph Lee Woodward, jr.
    •  The Sea Wolf: The Life of Admiral Cochrane by Ian Grimble, Birlinn Limited, 2000, first published 1978.
    • Napoleon Bonaparte by Alan Schom
    • Captains of the Old Steam Navy, edited by James C. Bradford, published by Naval Institute Press

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