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Institut d’Amérique du Sud

How can it be said that I have conquered this continent if the greatest part of it is unknown to the world?  - 5 May 1826, the United Republics of South America is created.  That day, by Presidential Decree, was created the Institute of South America for the purpose of studying and learning about all aspects of the continent and to propagate savants within the South American continent.  It is known commonly as ‘the Institute.’

It is governed by a Board composed of the President, the Deputy President, the Minister of Marine, and others of the wealthiest, most influential, and best educated citizens of the United Republics.  To encourage Europeans to immigrate to the New World, any person who could be considered a scholar was granted status as a ‘member savant’ in the Institute and provided gainful employment in some capacity.

The Institute is housed near the Winter Capital in Concepción in an area that has become known as Barrio Instituto.  It consists of the Archives building and administrative offices.  Barrio Instituto is adjacent to Barrio Ingles, Little London between Cerro Caracol and Cerro Alamen.

A member savant or a governor may propose an endeavour of study to the Board. By a majority vote, the Board will decide the worthiness of the endeavour. If the endeavour is worthy of pursuit, the Board will commission an Expedition. Expeditions are carried out by the Institute’s Office of the Continental Survey, le Bureau Examen Continental.


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