The Society of the Goat

The Society of the Goat is a quasi-Masonic lodge / club whose members are primarily English army and navy officers serving the United Republics of South America. Its name derives from the HMES Goat, the first steam ship to round Cape Horn.  The Society was founded in the later years of the Republics, between the 1850’s and 1870’s.  In its later years, don Ilígus' eldest son Arthur serves as Club secretary, spending most of his days at the Barrio Ingles residence.

The Society is commonly known as La Compañía de El Cabrón and often referred to (both proudly and in derogatory terms) as La Compañía de Los Cabrónes.

While the origins of the club come from the Voyage of HMES Goat and its original rolls consist of gentlemen associated with the Goat and Napoleon’s early investiture in South America, the membership is very informal and is open to all men who have been of service to the Republics.

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